Dark Clouds

Spring in Alberta. Mother Nature releases her frigid grasp of winter. The combination of rain and rising temperatures allow the earth to thrive once again, creating this lush ambiance of harmonized life. You wake from a deep sleep, open the blinds, hear the birds chirping, and truly observe the first morning of spring. To celebrate, … More Dark Clouds

Hot Hot Heat

It’s been three months since I packed my car and moved across the country to Guelph. At first, it felt very strange living out here. The sense of community that developed over the past years was now gone, friends and family were too distant to visit, and not having a job to care about left … More Hot Hot Heat

Canadian XC Champs

As December rolls in, the Cross Country season rolls out. The finale took place on Saturday November 26th in Kingston, Ontario with 9 races unfolding. Out of those 9 races, over 1000 athletes competed between ages 8 (Community 2.5k) and 84 (Masters) to take home the rights to be called Canada’s champion. Conditions were ideal … More Canadian XC Champs

Summer of ’16

It’s time to get back in shape. Since the Sun Run in April, I’ve been spending a lot of time relaxing. For two months, I took a complete break and didn’t run at all. When you push so hard for too long, the sport wears on you mentally and physically. It pushes you past the … More Summer of ’16

Red & White

Breaking silence for the first time since November. On February 28th, I had the opportunity to represent Canada at the NACAC/World’s Best 10K. When I received the invitation towards the end of January, I was ecstatic to accept. Ever since I started this running gig at SAIT, I had dreamt of representing the far north … More Red & White