St. Pat’s Recap, and KM’s we go!

At the turn around - St. Pat's 5k
At the turn around – St. Pat’s 5k

What’s better than running fast and setting new PB’s? Literally nothing. Life’s been crazy since Vancouver; been eating a ton of chocolate, travelled across the Prairies and back (twice!), celebrated another year of increased age, and logged in some 80-100km weeks. It’s easy to say that sleep has been scarce.

We’re starting off with the week after the First Half. Half marathons are demanding. The sheer toll the race takes on you (mentally and physically) can be debilitating. I decided it would be best to take off a full week immediately after the race. Was I injured? No, but taking time to rest up is the SMART thing to do. After every half previously, I’d immediately go back to training and that resulted in extended fatigue and injury. Not this time. Out with the dumb and in with the smart (I hope that brings a smile to coach Jamie). That week off was also prompted by a demanding work schedule and -30 degree temperatures in Winnipeg.

After that week off, I gradually got back into it by doing two weeks of pure easy runs. Those miles will help to add strength and prevent injury. I was grateful enough to log a couple of those runs in the tropical city of Winnipeg Manitoba. What a funny place. It’s literally so flat there that the garbage dump is where people get in their hill workouts. The two Winnipeg runs took place on a gravel highway, outside of the city. The first day was tough – ran against 70km/h winds, gusting to 95km/h. The second was in -32 degree temperatures. I curled up into a ball and resorted to the treadmill. If that doesn’t build character, I don’t know what does. After that, it was back to Calgary (the Copper Canyons) where life is more consistent.

Ever since March 9th, training has been back to normal. The mileage has slowly increased, the workouts are back, and I’m feeling fit. I jumped into the St. Pat’s 5k this morning as a hard workout for the week, ending up in 1st at 15:33 (which is a new PB). That number is good, but not fantastic, and certainly not where I want to be in a few months time for Calgary Half Marathon. My goal for that is to break 1:05. What will it take to do that? Run 3:05min/km for 21.1km, or run 15:25 for a 5k…. 4 times, plus another 1.1k. Ugh, what have I gotten myself into? To put it into perspective, here’s me right now:

Super Saiyan 1
Super Saiyan 1

And here’s where I want to be by the time May 31st comes around:

Super Saiyan 3
Super Saiyan 3

Now, notice the key differences: my hair is longer, muscles are larger, the intensity is up, and those are pure abs of steel. So what will it take to go from being a Super Saiyan 1, to skipping Super Saiyan 2, and turning into Super Saiyan 3? A lot more dedication. Friends, I’m sorry (not really), but good bye. Not literally, but just for the next 3 months. To achieve such high goals, I believe a good blend of running, biking, and gym work will be the keys to success. With that being said, and factoring in a notoriously busy work schedule, there is no time mess around. The time is now and sacrifices have to be made. If that doesn’t make sense, it will during Calgary Marathon weekend. Until then, keep is classy Calgary!


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