You know, it’s crazy how life works out sometimes. Life can take you to such extraordinary heights, then drop you in the deepest of holes, but the character of one is determined by how they deal with what they have and make the best of it. I’m Trevor Hofbauer, 25-year-old aspiring Olympian based in Guelph, originally from Burnaby and Calgary. No matter how tough times have been, I’ve never been one to crawl up in a ball and quit. Battling through adversity is what I do.

I was always an athlete; playing basketball, football, swimming and biking during lunch at school. It wasn’t until grade 8 when I got into running. A mother to one of the students at school created an event called Run across Canada. The concept was quite simple, get kids to run a 1km loop around the field during the lunch hour to see how far the collective could get across Canada. This was my calling. I ran the most out of anybody at school, tallying 350km over the school year. Throughout high school, I continued running for the Bishop O’ Byrne Bobcats. When I decided to go to SAIT, that’s when I joined forces with my previous coach and friend, Jamie Grant. I continued to train with Jamie after graduating SAIT until I joined Speed River in January 2017.

When I started running for Jamie, I was a sluggish 6-foot twig. I sucked at running! I couldn’t possibly understand why he let me stay on the team. I was loud and annoying, wasn’t fast, got injured off the get-go, and couldn’t even run 3km under 12 minutes. I somehow stayed on the team, ran a slow XC time at Nationals in 2011 and recovered from an injury that almost ended my career even before it started.

In May of 2012, I ran my first half marathon, the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon. The goal was to break 1:30. The result was 1:19:08 placing 25th overall. Through the guidance of Coach Jamie, and support from some amazing people in my life, I am currently the National Marathon Champion, a National Bronze Medalist for the Half Marathon and XC, a 2:18 Marathoner, a 1:04:28 half marathoner, a 29:28 10k’er, a 14:33 5k’er, and I’ve represented Canada at multiple international races.

The goal for the future is to participate in the 2020 & 2024 Olympic Games. That goal will turn into a reality, not because I’m cocky and egotistical, but because I believe in myself, I work harder than anybody else, and I won’t quit until that goal is complete.

My blogs will consist of stories from my past, ¬†how I’ve battled to be where I am now, what has happened that defines who I am and what I stand for, and all other topics related to running.


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